Daniella Perkins criticizes Addison Rae “staying silent” about old clips

Joe Craven
Addison Rae and Daniella Perkins

Daniella Perkins, famous actress and YouTube star, has called on TikTok sensation Addison Rae to speak out over some old clips that have resurfaced on social media. 

There has been heightened tension in recent months around social injustice, and big stars across social media have been using their platform to speak out, including Addison Rae. But, some of world’s most popular TikTok stars have also been accused of racism, leading to heightened scrutiny of influencers.

While Addison Rae has been vocal about the BLM movement, Daniella Perkins recently encouraged the TikTok star to speak out and distance herself from some past behavior, which she believes to be problematic.

Daniella Perkins in a Car
Perkins discussed the issue in a July 3 YouTube video.

In a YouTube video based around “becoming” Addison Rae, Perkins explains that she admired Rae’s support for the Black Lives Matter protests. However, recent clips that have surfaced have made Perkins question her support for the TikTok star.

“Long story short, things have been resurfacing from Addison’s past,” Perkins said. She showed a clip from an old Addison Rae video, in which Rae allegedly encouraged another TikTokker to say a racial slur.

“I’m kind of hurt by all this stuff,” Perkins said. “Just listen, okay. I just feel like you’re not 14, you can’t be like ‘I didn’t know the n word was bad’… because you were 19, you know right from wrong. There were so many comments for you to read, I just don’t understand why she chose to read the one comment that mentioned the n word.”

Timestamp: 6:59 

Perkins also cites a tweet from roughly a year ago, in which Addison Rae linked an ‘all lives matter’ video.

“Maybe she’s changed the way she sees things,” Perkins continued, “but like, we don’t know because Addison hasn’t said anything… the worst part about it is that she hasn’t said anything.”

She said that Rae’s recent behavior clashes with the things from her past, so she wants Rae to speak up to clarify the matters. Perkins stated that Rae “staying silent” on these matters may “confuse” her fans.

Perkins finished: “Addison, please, just say something about everything that’s going on… At the end of the day, your supporters need to know that you support them. It hurt me, I can only imagine how much it can hurt your fans. Just say something, own up to your mistakes.”

As of the publication of this article, Rae has not commented publicly on the clips and tweets that have resurfaced.

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