Bryce Hall denies “racism” accusations following outrage over photo pose

Jacob Hale

TikTok star Bryce Hall has laughed off accusations that he is “making fun of Asian people” in some videos and photos, due to a pose he regularly pulls.

It’s fair to say that Bryce Hall has struggled to shy away from controversy in recent months, having apologized for an “insensitive” LGBTQIA+ tweet, as well as being arrested on charges of marijuana possession at the tail end of May.

He has, however, plead his innocence over more recent accusations of racial insensitivity, defending his corner during a TikTok live session after numerous social media posts and comments calling him out.

The pose commanded some criticism from fans and haters alike, calling out his lack of sensitivity over what he is doing, with some simply calling him racist because of it.

Hall was clearly astonished by the accusations, explaining his side of the scenario to fans who tuned in on TikTok.

“I did something like this,” he said, placing his finger beside his eye, “and people were saying that I was making fun of Asian people.”

He continued: “First off, big shock by the way guys, I’m Asian. Yeah, I know. A lot of you probably didn’t know that. Second, I wasn’t making fun of Asian people. I literally am just like ‘what the s**t?’”


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Obviously, some people are torn on what to think of the situation. Many believe that Bryce is as innocent as he claims, while others have simply asked him to “stop deleting videos that are racist and homophobic and just apologize.”

Needless to say, Bryce doesn’t think there’s an issue, and is insistent that he wasn’t ever “making fun of Asian people” – especially given his Filipino background – laughing off accusations during the TikTok live session and clearly mindblown by the entire ordeal.