Dakotaz explains why he’s taking break from social media but not Twitch

Dakotaz Twitch StreamerYouTube: Dakotaz

Twitch superstar Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman has announced on Twitter that he will be taking a break from social media until further notice.

In recent weeks, Tweets from Dakotaz implied that social media was having an effect on his health leading up to this break. On November 18 he tweeted, “I sucked at posting stories on Instagram and now I’m getting anxiety about keeping up with Fleets.”

Then, on December 4, he said, “I have a gift of letting people down. My health and my stream is just a massive importance to me in my life.”

In another tweet on Tuesday, December 8, Dokataz explained that he would be leaving his social accounts for a while to focus on his mental health, and adding that he will still continue to stream to the relief of his fans.

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He wrote, “Turning my phone off for a few months. my socials are going to be empty. going to just try to focus on my health and streams. see ya on the other side.

Fans and fellow streamers leaped to his side in the comments below the tweet. Streamer NiceWigg wrote, “If you need anything I’m here brotha. Mental always comes first. Much love bro.”

Hundreds of fans have already responded with compassion, with one saying “See you in the stream! You’re amazing Dk!” and another adding, “We love you always dk, take all the time you need. we will be here when you return.”

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Dakotaz has made comments about his health in the past. In September, Dakotaz thanked his fans for their support after revealing that he was still struggling after going through a break up three years ago.

After previously living in France, he explained that many of his possessions are still there, from his time in that relationship. He also said that his recent struggle with sobriety had impacted his streams, which he apologized for.

Dakotaz is behind one of the biggest channels on Twitch, with over 4.7 million followers on the platform. He rose to stardom mainly in Fortnite, which is still one of his main games, among other titles.

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