Dakotaz calls Ninja hate “ridiculous” following viral WIRED video

Top Twitch streamer went to number one on YouTube’s trending page thanks to a video with WIRED, where he answered the most googled questions about him, but the video almost has as many dislikes as likes.

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Fellow streamer Brett ‘Dakotaz’ Hoffman was surprised to see how much negativity the rather innocuous video was receiving, calling it ‘ridiculous’.

In the video, Ninja simply discusses his career as a streamer, his history as a gamer and some general knowledge queries about himself, in the ‘autocomplete interview’ – which uses google’s autocomplete system to find the most googled questions about him.

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Other guests on the WIRED Autocomplete Interview series have included YouTuber David Dobrik, Bella Thorne, Kevin Hart and many more of the world’s most famous people, but none have received the amount of dislikes as Ninja’s episode.

At the time of writing, Ninja’s WIRED video has amassed 3.2 million views, 106,000 likes and 76,000 dislikes, in only 18 hours.

It means it is the most disliked iteration of the Autocomplete Interviews yet, and Dakotaz can’t understand it: “I feel like people outside of Fortnite just thumbs down because it has to do with Fortnite, the mainstream, or his face showing up in the YT rewind.”

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As the most popular Fortnite streamer, Ninja is no stranger to hate, even from within the Fortnite community itself. But the negativity towards this video is more peculiar, given there is nothing controversial about it at all.

Previously Ninja has been in some hot water over threatening to have a Fortnite opponent banned for stream sniping, even though he had no proof of it, but the community has largely forgiven him for this mistake and moved on.

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You can watch the full WIRED video with Ninja below.

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