Shroud weighs in on the internet’s hottest debate with a fan in VR game

Connor Bennett. Last updated: Dec 27, 2018

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek was asked to weigh in on one of the most fierce internet debates when he bumped into a fan in a Virtual Reality shooter game on stream.

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The streamer, who has been playing more and more VR Games on stream, regularly bumps into fans who freak out in excitement and can’t believe they’ve ran into him in-game. 

Some of those fans – in particular, Wadu and Bannaman – have even become popular parts of his stream, gaining their own Twitch emote for shroud’s chat to use.

Shroud’s popularity on Twitch has skyrocketed in 2018.
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However, this particular fan did not freak out in excitement. Instead, after realising that shroud was in his game of Contractors, he realised what a unique opportunity he had being up close and personal with one of Twitch’s biggest names and grabbed it with both hands.

The fan, going by the name ‘Law1’, quickly realised he had killed the streaming star and made a beeline for his corpse. He immediately asked shroud about his favourite type of food, with the Canadian replying: “I like Pizza. Pizza is good.”

However, shroud was quickly drawn into one of the hottest debates of modern times. “How do you feel about the Pineapple [on Pizza] thing?” asked Law1. “No, no, no, no never.” The answer clearly made Law1’s day. “Same dude. I knew you were going to be this cool in Virtual Reality,” he said before walking away, adding: “Good game, love you bud.”

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The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro player could only laugh at the interaction as Law1 departed and Shroud hit the respawn button.  

Shroud’s interaction with the fan was incredible wholesome, unlike some other on-stream interactions. 

While stream sniping becomes more and more popular, having fans being genuine in the moment with their favourite personalities is something we can all get behind.