Crab Game devs issue Twitch warning after xQc gets DDoS’d

crab gameSteam: Crab Game

Following DDoS attacks on xQc and Sodapoppin, one of the developers of ‘Crab Game’ has taken to Twitter to warn Twitch streamers about public lobbies. 

When you connect your computer to the internet, you’re given an IP address to identify your specific computer. Unfortunately, if the wrong person gets ahold of your address, they could perform what is called a DDoS attack which floods your internet router with traffic, overwhelming it to the point it stops working.

This type of attack is something a streamer never wants to experience, as it can prevent you from accessing the internet — effectively stopping all attempts to stream in its tracks until the attack is over.

As the free-to-play game with modes similar to Netflix’s hit show Squid Game has gained popularity, xQc played it live and was quickly attacked when the game’s public lobby mode leaked his IP address to the public. However, the dev has addressed the issue on Twitter, announcing a fix coming soon.

Crab Game developer issues warning

xQc and Sodapoppin are among the creators that have been hit with a denial of service attack, both being attacked right after playing the game. Since then, the developers have admitted their mistake and have issued a warning for all creators on Twitch.

They tweeted out: “If you’re a streamer you should probably stay away from public lobbies in Crab Game for a few days, until I update it, as you risk getting DDOS’d currently.

“I apologize to everyone who experienced this, I’m an idiot.”

They go on to explain that they thought the public lobby system was a fast and good solution before admitting they should have done more research while developing the game.

“The game is built on Facepunch Steam P2P networking, which seemed like a fast and good solution. But it is apparently very unsecure, and you can sometimes leak your IP. I’m changing it to the new and more secure Steam Networking now, but it might take a few days, as I have to change a lot of my networking code.

“Sorry to everyone who was affected by this, I should’ve done more research before implementing networking the way I did.”

Fans of the game have shown support for the developer in the replies to their tweets, mentioning they appreciate his efforts.

Hopefully, for everyone involved, these issues are taken care of quickly and nobody else has to deal with a DDoS attack.