Corpse Husband explains why he wears a mask when meeting people IRL

corpse husbandTwitter: CORPSE

YouTube star Corpse Husband is a “faceless” influencer — but when the inevitable IRL meeting occurs, he has a way to get around sharing his identity.

Corpse Husband is a popular YouTuber and music artist best known for his very deep voice.

Although he’s been on YouTube for some time, he first gained notoriety in late 2020 after participating in live streams with other major broadcasters.

Since then, Corpse has racked up 7 million YouTube subscribers, released a song with none other than Machine Gun Kelly, and even scored a starring role in Funimation’s Tribe Nine anime.

Corpse Husband reveals anime acting debut was embarrassingFunimation / YouTube: Anthony Padilla
Corpse Husband notably landed a role as a villain in Funimation’s Tribe Nine anime.

Corpse’s popularity does come with some major caveats for the influencer — namely, in that he doesn’t show his face. Corpse has explained that he has severe anxiety about anyone seeing his face in the past and never shares photos of himself.

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In previous projects, Corpse has used an animated avatar to represent himself, or has collaborated with other influencers and companies completely online.

However, as his popularity continues to grow, it would stand to reason that Corpse has to attend the occasional real-life meeting, which is why he wears a mask (outside of global health concerns, of course).

Corspe Husband logo on red backgroundYouTube: Vibez Check
Corpse Husband is a “faceless YouTuber,” meaning that he does not show his face in his content. Instead, he relies on avatars created by his fans.

Corpse Husband reveals difficulties of wearing mask IRL

“The vocals would be a bit warped because of the mask,” he said when discussing going out and meeting people while wearing a mask during a livestream.

Unfortunately, using a mask does hamper his ability to communicate effectively, as the material can affect the sound output from his deep voice.

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“Even already, when I use a mask to talk to people in person, it cuts out some of my voice,” he added.

Despite the difficulties wearing a mask adds to his communication, it looks as though Corpse has found a way around navigating IRL meetings as best he can while in the middle of being “very, very busy” with upcoming projects.