Corpse Husband reveals main reason why he doesn’t stream anymore

corpse-husband-streaming-returnCorpse Store

Corpse Husband has revealed the main reason why he doesn’t stream anymore, claiming the pressure of entertaining fans had him “shaking the whole time,” which made him stop enjoying it.

Corpse has been keeping a low profile lately. He’s teased new projects, announced he’s voicing an anime character, and more. However, he hasn’t streamed for more than six months.

In November 2021, he told fans what it’d take for him to stream again. “I’ll stream when I feel like it, which is like, never,” he said, dampening their hopes. It still hasn’t happened yet.

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He opened up about it more while talking to Ironmouse. He didn’t say anything about returning to streaming. However, he revealed what made him quit in the first place.

Corpse Husband avatar holding an umbrellaTwitter: CORPSE
Corpse hasn’t streamed in a while now.

“Every single stream, I would be shaking the whole time,” he said, referring to the pressure he felt having to entertain thousands of viewers. “I was like, yeah, I don’t really think I enjoy doing this.”

However, it doesn’t mean he’ll stop appearing on other people’s streams. “I like being on other people’s streams,” he confessed. “I don’t know how the f**k that makes sense.”

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Corpse agreed it’s probably because he feels less pressure as a guest than a host. He also likes hopping in and out of streams on a whim, which suits him well since his condition fluctuates.

It might be a while until fans see him stream again. However, he’s still popping up on friend’s streams and making moves elsewhere. So, it’s not like he’s vanished off the face of the earth.

The days of him wreaking havoc in Among Us lobbies on stream are long gone, but his popularity on the internet is still soaring, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

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