Corpse Husband reveals he’s voicing a character in new Tribe Nine anime

Corpse-Husband-Tribe-Nine-Corpse Husband/Too Kyo Games

YouTuber and musician Corpse Husband has announced he’s voicing a character in the English dub of the new Tribe Nine anime series.

Fans of Corpse Husband got an unexpected treat when the content creator announced he’s the voice behind a major character in the English dub of Tribe Nine.

The faceless musician made a rare post on February 6, 2022, to announce his new role — which quickly got him trending on Twitter.

Corpse Husband AKA Ojiro Otori

In his Tweet, Corpse announced he would be voicing the villainous Ojiro Otori in the series’ English dub.

Based on the short clip he included and just the look of Ojiro himself, we’d say this is about as perfect of a fit as you could find.

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The first episode of Tribe Nine’s English dub has been out on Funimation since January 31, so sharp-eyed anime fans might have already seen Corpse’s name appear in the credits.

Now that the influencer himself has tweeted about his new role, though, the extreme-sports anime set in a futuristic Tokyo could be in for a major bump in viewership.

Too Kyo Games
Tribe Nine takes place in a dystopian future where disputes are settled through games of “Extreme Baseball.”

Tribe Nine was created by Kazutaka Kodaka, who’s also behind Danganronpa and Akudama Drive. But, with as big a name as Corpse working on the English dub, this could be his biggest success yet.

It seems Corpse wasn’t lying in a January 28 update when he said he had some new stuff coming soon. The only question is whether Tribe Nine is the only upcoming project fans have to look forward to.

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