Corpse Husband praises unknown fan for sneaking music into Big Brother Brazil

Corpse Husband / Endemol Shine

Popular YouTuber and artist Corpse Husband gave a shoutout to a fan after finding different tracks of his on Big Brother Brazil.

The mysterious streamer shared his discovery in a since-deleted tweet that played his ‘WHITE TEE’ song as tensions in the scene started to mount. The track played throughout the talking heads and voting portion of the show.

Someone’s been putting Corpse Husband’s tracks into the popular social experiment program and the faceless influencer caught wind of it on Twitter.

“[To] whoever keeps sneakily playing my music on Big Brother Brazil, you’re an absolute legend,” he said.

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corpse husband white teeCorpse Husband Twitter
Corpse was pleasantly surprised to see his music on Big Brother Brazil.

Corpse Husband fans were also thrilled to see the track make its way to the screen as some wondered if viewers from that region would be able to recognize the musical cameo at all.

That’s when Corpse’s Brazilian fans sounded off, sharing their excitement at hearing the YouTuber blaring throughout the scenes.

“There’s a lot of Corpse’s fans in Brazil,” one person said. “I didn’t even know! As a Brazilian myself I’m proud asf.”

Big Brother Brazil and Corpse fans know that the streamer’s songs have shown up on air before as the perfect segue for when an episode gets dramatic.

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A previous entry includes the artist’s big March 2020 YouTube hit ‘MISS YOU!’ used to frame a moment when the entire room falls silent in shock.

Though his Brazilian TV sound bite was seemingly due to a fan, Corpse has been stepping out of the YouTube and Twitch realm a lot more as of late. As audiences await his stream return, fans can hear his voice on Funimation’s Tribe Nine anime in his debut voiceover role.

His signature voice has blown away everyone from Twitch Chat to US congress members, and it sounds like it’s only going to spread more from here.

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