Corpse Husband clarifies his “quitting YouTube” statement after fans panic

Virginia Glaze
Corpse Husband clarifies statement on quitting YouTube

Massively popular YouTuber and music artist ‘Corpse Husband’ has clarified that he is not quitting his content creation career anytime soon after a statement he made about the subject went viral online.

Corpse Husband became a veritable internet icon in the last few months of 2020. The star is best known for his incredibly deep voice and his joint broadcasts with other creators, in which he usually plays games like Among Us.

Despite garnering an impressive 6 million subscribers due to his sudden surge in popularity, the ever-elusive personality expressed that he may have to quit YouTube at some point in the future, referencing his chronic illnesses as part of his reasons for stepping back.

“I don’t know about the whole streaming thing… with my illness,” the star said midway through a January 2 stream. “Sitting on my computer, only being able to play certain games… I don’t think I’ll be physically capable pretty soon.”

Segment begins at 1:13

A clip of Corpse’s statement quickly went viral online, with many fans worried the creator would suddenly halt his successful career due to circumstances out of his control.

However, on January 7, the YouTuber clarified his words in a tweet, claiming that he doesn’t have any plans to stop creating content in the near future at all.

“Lots of headlines about me ‘quitting YouTube,’” Corpse wrote. “In the clips they’re all using, I was talking about how I realistically see the longer term. I’m not imminently quitting anything. Thank u.”

Luckily, this seems to mean that Corpse won’t be leaving YouTube anytime soon — but due to his chronic conditions, it might not be a career he can keep up forever, as in the case of some content creators who have been on the platform for a decade or more.

Corpse has been met with an outpouring of support from his fans on social media in wake of his latest statement on the subject.

Even fellow content creators have spoken out on his behalf, with the likes of Valkyrae, Bretman Rock, and Karl Jacobs all giving him love online, providing a glimmer of positivity on an otherwise distressing topic for many viewers.

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