Twitch streamer reveals annual income after fans label her a “millionaire”

Eleni Thomas
FanFan twitch header

Twitch streamer FanFan has revealed her yearly income from the platform after her audience claimed she was a millionaire.

When it comes to the world of streaming, content creators have never had more opportunities for platforms, ways to earn an income, and more. And while the top percentage of streamers may be making millions of dollars each year, this is not the case for all.

During a recent Twitch stream, content creator FanFan shut down her audience after they began calling her out for claiming she is not a millionaire.

Fanfan is a streamer who typically goes live under the “Just Chatting” category of Twitch.

Her streams usually consist of talking to her viewers about her life and the news of the day, fostering an open relationship with her audience and fans.

In turn, FanFan revealed her yearly income from Twitch while also calling out her fellow content creators who “complain” that they should be earning more from their content.

“I love it. I am blessed, you know. Thank f**king god I make enough money and I don’t have to do much work. I just sit here and watch my videos and play games. But I make 150K a year. That’s not millionaire money,” she said.

FanFan added, “And then people see the top 3 streamers making 35K on a sponsor and they just assume that everyone does that. You know I didn’t get a sponsor for 6 months and when I did get a sponsor was like 3-5K.

“I’m not saying it’s bad. I am really happy. I’m not complaining, but I don’t understand the other people who complain or say I’m a millionaire.”

The content creator then ended the conversation by stating that the “majority of streamers aren’t millionaires.”