Banned Twitch streamer Ice Poseidon asks for "second chance" - Dexerto

Controversial streamer Ice Poseidon pleads with Twitch to unban him

Published: 28/Jun/2020 12:41 Updated: 28/Jun/2020 22:32

by Calum Patterson


IRL livestreamer Paul ‘Ice Poseidon’ Denino has publicly asked Twitch for a “second chance” on the platform he was banned from in 2017, following the shutdown of Mixer, where he had moved.

Originally known for his RuneScape streams, Denino grew a large fanbase and became infamous for his in-real-life streams with a loose collective known as Cx.

He was banned from Twitch permanently in April of 2017, primarily due to a swatting incident at an airport, after he disclosed which gate he was flying from on stream.


Ice Poseidon on Twitch
Ice Poseidon was a controversial figure on Twitch, and later YouTube, but says he has grown and changed.

After his ban, he moved to YouTube streaming, and later Mixer, where, alongside the Cx network, he continued his IRL streaming antics.

His fanbase itself has been the source of backlash. They largely congregated on the now-banned subreddit dedicated to him and his content.

The Cx network officially folded in March 2019, following an FBI raid on their property, where all electronics in the house were seized.

On June 28, 2020, after Mixer’s folding into Facebook Gaming, Denino made a public plea to Twitch to allow him back on their platform, asking for a “second chance.”

“I was banned on Twitch for enabling a very toxic community – a toxic community which has affected the industry, myself, my friends, and other creators as a whole,” Denino begins.


“My mindset now is completely different to what it was three years ago […] I’m asking Twitch, to just give me a second chance.” He also attached an open letter to Twitch, reiterating his supposed changed mindset and less toxic community.

He claims to now have a “better understanding and respect for Twitch’s Terms of Service and community guidelines,” after his years of streaming.

Denino says he has already sent a ban appeal to the platform, hoping to have his original Ice_Poseidon channel reinstated.