New claims suggest FBI raid of ICE_POSEIDON wasn’t for spoofing


Popular IRL streamer ICE_POSEIDON was raided by the FBI in a five-hour-long search on March 19, which some claimed to be the result of bomb threats under a “spoofed” phone number.

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Following the raid, mass speculation ensued as to its actual cause; however, popular Twitch streamer Boneclinks revealed allegations that could point to a different explanation than ‘spoofing,’ as stated during a broadcast on March 21.

“I’ve got information from people who have contacts within police departments, who say that it was not a ‘spoofing’ number situation,” Boneclinks claimed. “It was actually an ongoing investigation for a long time against DJ and against ICE_POSEIDON.”

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While Boneclinks gave no hint as to what prompted the investigation, he likewise claimed that ICE_POSEIDON is no longer allowed to stream within the state of California – likely in relation to the scandal.

That’s not all; according to Boneclinks, all streamers in the CX Network’s streaming mansion were kicked out, aside from ICE_POSEIDON and one other broadcaster.

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Drama Alert’s Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem reported that the raid was possibly performed due to bomb threats under a ‘spoofed’ phone number of POSEIDON’s, while others felt that it could have been the result of his alleged ‘Ponzi scheme’ business model.

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While POSEIDON has yet to speak out on the manner, the streamer posted a Tweet just before news broke of the raid, stating that he would unable to stream – and that he would be “going somewhere soon.”

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Since then, another video of streamer DJ has circulated social media, where he claimed to have a “black box phone” filled with incriminating evidence against POSEIDON, should he ever “wrong” him.

While DJ’s claims are unverified, his video has since garnered ample speculation, as the exact cause of the raid is as yet unknown.

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