Concerns raised for Lia Marie Johnson after worrying Instagram live stream

Lia Marie Johnson Instagram

Fans of YouTuber Lia Marie Johnson are concerned for the star’s wellbeing after she posted a lengthy stream on Instagram Live.

Johnson was first introduced to internet-stardom as a regular fixture in the Fine Bros. Entertainment’s popular reaction videos. From there she focused on her own channel by showcasing her talents for music, garnering a bigger following over time.

Earlier in May 2019, the YouTube starlet gave her audience a scare after a similar episode where she said her career as a content creator “was never for me,” instead “it was for everyone else.”

Lia Marie Johnson InstagramLia Marie Johnson was easily recognized since her childhood, being frequently featured on the Fine Bros’ Kids React videos.

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On December 24, Johnson live-streamed for over two hours in which she went through a range of emotions on topics including her career as a creator as well as a musician, looking onto the next decade and more.

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In the latter portions of the video, she can be seen drinking from a bottle wrapped in a black bag as she interacts with some of her 1.3 million Instagram followers.

Some even noted how her behavior seemed worrying, while others called multiple portions of the livestream disturbing.

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“I would like all of you to stay sober over the holiday season. Stay as sober as you can, because your family loves you and you’re needed and wanted and totally loved,” she said, later adding: “I’m literally saying things to piss people off… and I’m saying things from the bottom of my heart, I’m saying things from emotion, feeling. Don’t judge me.”

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Replying to multiple people on her stream, Johnson insisted she wasn’t on drugs, saying that her actions came from her “interesting mindset.”

The video has prompted widespread unease throughout her following, while others accepted it as it just being how Johnson carries herself.

Lia Marie Johnson InstagramThe YouTuber’s 2-hour long video raised concerns for many of her following.

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Drama Alert host Daniel ‘KEEMSTAR’ Keem reacted to the video expressing his concerns about the YouTuber’s latest outburst.

“Lia Marie Johnson is going to die next unless someone saves this girl!” he tweeted. “I’ve never known her or met her. But anyone seeing this does, please reach out to her.”

Meanwhile, a vocal portion of her fans has been expressing concerns about her latest outburst, which has them worried about the singer.

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There’s been little social media activity from Johnson since, but her followers are wishing the best for her this holiday season and beyond.