Colleen Ballinger backlash mounts as new accusations claim YouTuber “exploited” minors

Meera Jacka
Miranda Sings star accused of exploiting a minor's body on stage

In the midst of grooming allegations, Colleen Ballinger has now been accused of exploiting minors after the YouTuber seemingly acted inappropriately with a child on one of her shows.

Famous for her internet character Miranda Sings, YouTuber Colleen Ballinger is currently facing a wave of backlash.

Recently, Ballinger made headlines after former fan Adam McIntyre alleged that she groomed and bullied underage fans. And it turns out McIntyre isn’t the only one speaking out against the YouTuber on such matters.

A TikTok posted on June 14 by ‘noitsbecky’, first name Becky, alleges that the YouTuber has humiliated and exploited minors for entertainment in her shows.

In the video, Becky explained that she was a former fan of Ballinger and attended one of her shows when she was roughly 16 years of age.

In the hopes of getting called onto stage for a particular bit, the then-teenager wore a short floral romper. And while she was called up, it wasn’t for the bit Becky had anticipated.

Instead, Becky was called up for the ‘yoga challenge’. This involved Ballinger contorting the teenager’s body for the audience’s amusement.

In one section of the bit, Collinger visibly spread the then-teenager’s legs so far apart that Becky’s spandex became visible to the audience.

“I was terrified that my body wasn’t covered enough,” Becky said. “I basically felt naked.”

She goes on to say, “For her to use my body for entertainment on stage really set my confidence back quite a lot.”

After the show concluded, Becky said she did not feel safe leaving the venue. She claimed to have received many predatory looks from men due to how exposed she had been on stage.

Colleen Ballinger accused of exploiting a minor's body on stage
Becky said she felt exposed and violated during the Miranda Sing’s show

Commenters were quick to show support for Becky, with some debating whether Ballinger’s actions can be classified as sexual assault.

However, other comments did not see the issue as Becky supposedly “signed up” for the ordeal.

In response to this, Becky said, “Colleen exploited my minor body for entertainment and money, and did not protect my safety at this show.”

“She wanted to be called up on stage to be in a skit, not to be violated by an adult,” another commenter said in support.

As of yet, Colleen Ballinger has not responded to any of the allegations against her. We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the situation progresses.

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