Colleen Ballinger backlash sees no end as Gangnam Style cover resurfaces

Meera Jacka
Colleen Ballinger backlash sees no end as Gangnam Style cover resurfaces

Colleen Ballinger’s list of controversies is continuing to grow, with the latest resurfaced video depicting the Miranda Sings star mocking Koreans via a cover of Gangnam Style.

Colleen Ballinger can’t seem to stay out of the spotlight. With grooming and bullying allegations, accusations of exploiting a minor’s body, and previous uses of blackface all piling up, it’s not looking good for the disgraced YouTuber’s reputation.

Following her bizarre response to the backlash — a ukulele musical number — many have dived into Ballinger’s past, returning with some problematic content.

Now Ballinger is making headlines once more after a video resurfaced of the YouTuber covering rapper and singer Psy’s Gangnam Style.

Tink Biggles shared the video to TikTok on the account ‘tpose_queen’, igniting a new wave of hate against Ballinger.

In the video Ballinger seemingly mocks Koreans, singing the song in a weak imitation of the language as an apparent joke.

The video received almost seven million views on YouTube, leaving many wondering how her content was ever acceptable in the first place.

TikToker comments on Miranda Sings Gangnam Style cover
One TikToker expressed their surprise at Ballinger’s former popularity

“It’s like she took the list of what not to do and did all of them,” one person commented on TikTok.

Others joked about Ballinger releasing a second ukulele apology in response to the new allegations of racism, “This needs a whole new ukulele apology video”.

Another said, “Jesus in heaven, Colleen Ballinger, start applying to office jobs [because] it’s done. It’s over.”

While Ballinger has yet to comment on the new wave of backlash, the mounting evidence against her is making it seem unlikely that she will be able to make a comeback.

As the story continues to progress, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. For all the latest entertainment news, be sure to check out our page here.

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