Coffeezilla says Logan Paul’s $1.3M plan for CryptoZoo does “nothing” for victims

Coffeezilla youtubeYouTube: Coffeezilla

Coffeezilla has explained why he thinks Logan Paul’s 1.3 million dollar CryptoZoo refund plan does “nothing” for most victims of his “scam.”

At the end of 2022, YouTube investigator Coffeezilla uploaded a three-part series about Logan Paul’s project ‘CryptoZoo’ — quickly causing a rift between the two influencers.

Paul was quick to fire back at Coffeezilla, threatening legal action in a video, as well as on his Impaulsive podcast, just days before apologizing to Coffee and revealing his $1.3M refund program for CryptoZoo investors.

But now, the YouTuber has revealed why he thinks the refund plan does “nothing” for most victims of the alleged scam.

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Coffeezilla says why Logan Pauls refund plan does “nothing”

On January 18, Coffeezilla shared his thoughts about Logan Paul’s apology video, making sure to give the influencer some credit before diving into it further.

“I don’t wanna minimize [the fact Logan is offering refunds] in this video, I just do wanna put that in context, because 1.3 million dollars is a lot of money,” he explained. “Unfortunately, the scam was much bigger than 1.3 million dollars so the fact is, most victims are not going to be made whole by this plan.”

He went on to reiterate that according to his investigation, over 7.7 million dollars was stolen by Logan’s team.

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“This refund does nothing for those victims. It doesn’t even apply to the holder of Zoo coins at all, you get nothing if you bought in-game currency. This refund only applies to current egg holders,” he added.

(Topic starts at 3:05 in the video)

He went on to explain that although Logan is offering egg holders a refund at the mint price, the value of crypto has also tanked.

Coffeezilla explained: “Crypto has crashed. A lot. Even though people spent 2.5 million on these eggs, in order to refund all these holders at the mint price it only costs 1.3 million dollars of today’s money.”

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According to the video, Coffee is going to continue paying attention to the situation and plans to help make sure Logan actually fulfills his promises in the future — even if they’re not perfect.