CodeMiko reveals she has nightmares about her Twitch bans: “I have PTSD from it”

CodeMiko next to her creator, the TechnicianTwitch: CodeMiko

Twitch streamer and ‘VTuber’ CodeMiko opened up about the after-effects of her Twitch bans with fellow streamer Dr. K, explaining that she’s been having nightmares about the situation.

The popularity of VTubers has been steadily on the rise recently, with huge creators like PewDiePie even trying out an avatar for themselves.

CodeMiko is just one example of the VTubing phenomenon, and she’s garnering a lot of attention for her entertaining streams in which she lets her audience interact with the brightly-colored avatar that’s been developed with some high-tech gear. Behind the colorful personality is Miko’s creator, who refers to herself as the Technician.

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Her account was banned in early 2021 after she showed a screenshot of an email on stream, but two weeks later was able to return to the platform – although this was not her first ban.

CodeMiko on TwitchTwitch: CodeMiko
CodeMiko’s streams are equally chaotic and entertaining.

The star has opened up on how difficult the ban was for her, saying in a February 5 stream, “It hurts because I feel like they see me as a toxic person or something.”

Now, in a stream with gamer wellbeing streamer Dr. K, the ‘Technician’ has revealed the impact that has occurred as a result of her bans.

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“It feels like because I got banned three times, I must be a toxic streamer,” she explained. “Like I must be not wanted on the platform. And I think it kind of just reiterates my pattern, I guess, of like, I try really really hard on something, and I get punished for it.”

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The streamer went onto explain that, “I have PTSD from it because I dream about it.” She continued by saying, “it’s kind of funny. The last dream I had, I wanted to get pizza, and I had a pizza flyer, and I showed my chat the pizza flyer, unbeknownst that the owner’s last name and number were on the pizza flyer. And then I showed it to chat and I got banned for it, and I was so upset in my dream.”

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Dr. K suggested that it may actually be a good idea for the Technician to get professionally evaluated, as although people throw around the word PTSD a lot, “hyper-vigilance and nightmares are two parts of the diagnostic criteria.”

The conversation between the streamers was an insight into how the bans have affected the creator behind CodeMiko, but at least for the time being her channel remains fully active.

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