CodeMiko opens up on reason behind her Twitch ban

Andrew Amos
CodeMiko streaming on TwitchTwitch: CodeMiko

Twitch V-Tuber sensation CodeMiko was banned from the platform temporarily on January 19. She has since opened up on the reasons behind her suspension, and when she will be returning to streaming.

CodeMiko, who has over 350,000 followers on Twitch, was banned on January 19. It was her third ban in a year, however, it was long enough between her two previous bans in September 2020 to warrant a permanent one.

While speculation was running rampant, Miko has been upgrading her stream for her eventual return in the downtime. However, she has finally opened up on the real reason behind her ban ⁠— and it wasn’t just for saying “simp.”

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CodeMiko smiling at the camera during Twitch streamTwitch: CodeMiko
CodeMiko is returning to Twitch soon after she was banned for leaking private information.

CodeMiko banned for leaking email, not saying “simp”

While early suggestions were the streamer was banned for saying “simp” on broadcast ⁠— the term was officially banned earlier in January ⁠— Miko cleared that up quickly after her ban.

Instead, she was banned for leaking a streamer’s private information, including their full name and email. This doxxing is a breach of terms and service, even if there was no malice. Miko has accepted the ban fully.

“During an interview, a female streamer and I were talking about female harassment online and I asked her what was the worst comment she had ever received. When I saw the email, it was pretty bad and was more like a threat than a comment,” she said.

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“From my experience, threats are almost never sent from a user’s actual email address, but throwing up the screenshot got me banned. I only wanted to shine the light on harassment that streamers face and did not mean to violate terms.”

CodeMiko pens Twitch return for February 5

CodeMiko will be returning to Twitch on February 5, 17 days after her suspension started. This likely indicates that she was taken off for 14 days, but is taking an extra break to hype up her return.

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She stated she would be returning with some “game-changing new stuff,” including a complete game-show fit out, inviting some of the biggest streamers on Twitch to take part.

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