Chase Hudson accused of sexual assault by TikToker

Alan Bernal
chase hudson accuse sexual assault
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Popular TikToker Cole Chase Hudson, known as LilHuddy, has been accused of sexual assault by a woman who has come forward about an alleged incident during the “Lights Out” tour in 2019.

The woman published her account in a series of TikTok videos, detailing how she got close with Chase and his friends. According to the user, at a party the night before a fan meet and greet, she alleged that Chase did things that she “wasn’t okay with.”

“And he was like, ‘hey you should come over,’ and I was like, ‘yeah, sure whatever,’” she said. “[Chase] went to his room and he was in there for a while so I thought he wasn’t okay, so I went to go check on him. And he did some stuff then that I wasn’t okay with.”

“It’s just the power dynamic, honestly. Someone who has status against me. I tried to ignore what I was feeling the next because I wanted the boys to think I was cool… I didn’t wanna ‘darken the mood.’”

In posting her side of the story, she said she had been trying to get into contact with Chase or his team since the TikTok star had allegedly blocked her a couple days after that night in 2019.

“I just felt and still feel super betrayed and used,” she said. “We were actually pretty good friends before… and then he did something to me, he got what he wanted, and then he blocked me.”

It wasn’t until recently when she decided to pursue Chase: “I was like, if he doesn’t contact me, then I’m gonna out him. I really don’t want to, but he’s not talking to me.”

chase hudson allegations
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Hudson has since reached out to the woman after she came out with her TikTok video.

On April 5, she said that Chase’s team had reached out to her and that the two parties were now “working on this privately.”

Chase has yet to make a public comment on the situation. The user has since deleted her original TikTok post detailing her side.

With the two now “resolving” the situation, as she put it, it’s unclear if either will publicly address the situation further.