Charly Jordan calls TikTok backlash “crazy” after using Black creator’s dance

Theo Salaun
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During a Black TikTok dance strike, influencer Charly Jordan copied a Black creator’s dance without giving credit and received a ton of backlash. Now, she’s calling those complaints “crazy” and claiming race has no place on TikTok.

Charly Jordan has 11.2 million followers across TikTok and Instagram. In a since-deleted video, she posted a dance without credits that fans later discovered was copied from a Black creator (tracy.oj, who has 354.9K followers herself).

This video has caused a ton of backlash, as it ties directly into an emerging subject of race discourse on the platform. That discourse has bubbled up into a Black TikTok dance strike, where Black creators are refusing to make dances until popular influencers credit them appropriately.

At its core, failing to give “DC” (dance credit) is considered poor etiquette — especially when Jordan had no issue giving herself credit for a dance she made to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Thot S**t.” Further, Jordan’s response to that backlash has failed to satisfy any critics.

charly jordan tiktok dance credit
Jordan appears willing to give TikTok dance credits sometimes.

As seen in the screenshot, Jordan made a dance to “Thot S**t” and gave herself credit. But, as has been shared in videos (like jrealnj’s) criticizing the influencer — she failed to credit tracy.oj when stealing her dance for branded content.

Jordan isn’t the first influencer to be called out for not crediting the original creators of dances she has used in her rise to stardom. 

When Addison Rae got backlash for not crediting Black creators during her appearance, she responded by saying that it was “hard to credit during the show,” but that there were credits in the YouTube upload and she ‘loves them all.’

That response was taken fairly well. Jordan’s? Not so much. The influencer posted a video excusing the lack of credit because 1) she did the dance poorly and 2) it was part of a brand deal. Then, she doubled down and called the racial concerns “crazy.”

“What does bringing race or culture have anything to do with TikTok dance creds? It’s just crazy in my mind.” This sums up Jordan’s response to the backlash and that has left people dissatisfied, to put it lightly. 

The majority of replies to Jordan’s video include mentions of “tone deaf” and “ignorance.” The entire Black TikTok dance strike has ties to creators feeling ignored while influencers make money off of their creativity, which leads to one fan’s summary of the problem at hand.

As ‘ramonaslefteye’ writes on Twitter, “if you want to make money off dances, why not make up your own?” As of the time of writing, Jordan has deleted her branded video and has not posted any response to the backlash… against her response to the backlash.

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