TikTok’s most influential siblings: D’Amelio sisters, Mian Twins & more

TikTok siblings Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, Abby Roberts and CharlotteLooksInstagram: Dixie D'Amelio/ Abby Roberts

TikTok has become so huge that competing for a place on as many For You Pages as possible is incredibly tough. But by teaming up with a sibling to build a mini TikTok empire, it doesn’t seem so impossible. 

Among the app’s most popular creators, there are several sibling duos that have become hugely influential by picking up a fan base individually and then combining forces. Here are TikTok’s most influential siblings.

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Mian Twins

TikTok Mian TwinsInstagram: miantwins
The Mian Twins are part of the Triller Compound

Aisha and Azra Mian are twins from New York who started posting videos on YouTube in 2014. They’ve now built up a huge following of more than 4 million on their joint TikTok account which quickly overtook their YouTube fanbase. They are now part of the Triller Compound in Los Angeles living alongside TikTokers Tayler Holder and Nate Wyatt, among others.

Jack & James Wright

Jack Wright and James Wright TikTok brothersInstagram: Jack Wright
Jack and James are now part of the Hype House

Brothers Jack and James became popular on TikTok for posting incredibly in-sync and energetic dancing videos in early 2020. They soon joined the Hype House collective, and now frequently collaborate with current and former members. Jack is now dating fellow Hype House member Sienna Mae.

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Lisa & Lena Mantler

Lisa and Lena twins TikTokInstagram: lisaandlena
Lisa and Lena are from Stuttgart, Germany.

Lisa and Lena are identical twins from Stuttgart in Germany and became one of musical.ly’s top stars before the app rebranded as TikTok. They left the platform for a brief time before rejoining in 2020 and now have more than 12 million followers on their joint account.

Abby & Charlotte Roberts

Abby Roberts TikTok Star and sister CharlottelooksInstagram: Abby Roberts
British sisters Abby and Charlotte are known for their makeup artistry

British creator Abby Roberts is one of the biggest creators on TikTok earning followers for her impressive and varied makeup and cosplay. Her sister Charlotte is also a talented makeup artist and the pair often collaborate together on different looks and TikTok trends.

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Gil & Jayden Croes

Gil Croes and Jayden Croes TikTok stars brothersInstagram: gilmhercroes
Gil and Jayden started out on Musical.ly

Gil and Jayden have been on TikTok since it was musical.ly and the Aruban brothers have combined following of more than 56 million at the time of writing, earning their popularity for their slapstick humor and dance videos. Jayden Croes has a huge 1 billion likes across all his videos.

Charli & Dixie D’Amelio

Charli and Dixie D'Amelio hug one anotherInstagram: Bryant
Charli and Dixie are TikTok royalty

They’re literally TikTok royalty with a combined 180 million followers, while Charli has managed to secure the crown as the most followed influencer on any single platform. Her sister Dixie is dating fellow TikTok star Noah Beck and has even launched her own music career.

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The success of these TikTok stars definitely goes to show that two can be better than one when it comes to content creation and making a living out of being an influencer.