Charli & Dixie D’Amelio reveal they used to ‘hate each other’

Georgina Smith
Charli and Dixie D'Amelio with their parents

TikTok sensations Charli & Dixie D’Amelio have revealed that they actually used to ‘hate each other’ at middle school, but they’ve since gone on to become “best friends.”

18-year-old Charli D’Amelio and 21-year-old Dixie D’Amelio are two of TikTok’s biggest stars. Charli first shot to fame on the app thanks to her dancing videos, and Dixie soon followed suit, now with a combined 200 million followers between them.

The sisters have collaborated on a range of projects together, including their Social Tourist clothing line and Hulu reality show, with fans loving the sisters’ close relationship.

But in an interview on the Drew Barrymore Show on October 5, they revealed that they weren’t always as close as they are now.

Dixie said, “we like hated each other, like absolutely hated each other,” going on to explain that this went on for “all of middle school until we went to high school together, then we became best friends.”

“She would come with me to every party on the weekend. It just happened out of nowhere though. We would go weeks without talking.” Charli explained that the sisters even shared a wall at the time.

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Dixie went on to add: “But now, I don’t remember the last time we’ve actually argued. Over anything.”

The influencers are now closer than ever, with Charli and Dixie now living together again. “Now we live together, just us two, so it’s pretty fun,” Charli said. “I notice the times where it gets the most annoying when we fight is when [our parents] chime in.”

Both Charli and her mom Heidi are now competing against each other on the latest season of Dancing with the Stars, and fans are already impressed with both of their performances so far, with viewers keen to see what they go on to do next in the competition.