Charli D’Amelio reveals foot injury she got Dancing with the Stars

Charli D'Amelio reveals foot injury from DWTSYouTube: Access

TikTok star Charli D’Amelio is competing against her mother, Heidi, on Dancing with the Stars — but her foot got a bit bruised up during practice.

Charli D’Amelio is TikTok’s second-most followed creator, boasting over 147 million followers on the video-sharing app.

Although she’s best known for her status as a social media star, Charli is a dancer at heart — a skill that contributed to her fame on TikTok, which serves as a home for dancing videos.

Thus, it came as little surprise that Charli and mom Heidi found themselves on DWTS Season 31 in late September 2022… but not everything went off without a hitch.

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While gearing up for her final performance with fellow dancer and actor Mark Ballas, Charli revealed that her foot had gotten a little banged up — a common injury for dancers of all styles.

Charli D’Amelio explains why she iced her feet after DWTS rehearsal

The TikToker shared her experience on Instagram, saying that she was icing her foot after practice. This led some fans to worry that she’d been injured, but Charli cleared things up in a video shortly thereafter.

charli icing her foot instagram storyInstagram: charlidamelio

“So, since I’ve been dancing a lot, my feet get really swollen, and one of them is just a little bruised up, so I’m trying to stay in the best physical shape that I can,” she said. “So, in order to do that, I have to do things like ice my feet so I can feel better for the show tomorrow.”

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Foot injuries are quite common among dancers, and many professional dancers ice their feet regularly. YouTuber and professional ballerina Tirion Law uploads daily vlogs of her life as a dancer and often shares footage of herself and those in her company icing their feet after a day of rehearsals.

This isn’t the first time Charli has shared a health-related incident with her viewers, either; back in 2020, the TikToker documented her journey of getting a septoplasty after bumping heads with a friend while dancing, resulting in a broken nose.