Charli D’Amelio forced to private TikTok video after fans harass her with death rumor

Charli D'Amelio privates TikTok death rumorsYouTube: 2021 Vision / Instagram: Charli D'Amelio

Out of the many content creators on YouTube, there exist some who claim to be clairvoyant — even going so far as to “predict” the deaths of major celebrities and influencers.

One of these YouTubers’ latest predictions involved Charli D’Amelio, TikTok’s most famous content creator with over 109 million followers, 9 billion likes and a sizeable amount of major brand deals to her name.

The YouTuber claimed that Charli would pass away in 2021 — specifically, on March 12. The video itself contains no audio (outside of a few blips) and has nothing written in its description.

Instead, it features a blinking eye with a single name beneath, which appears to hint that the person in question will die at a given time or date. The channel, “2021 vision,” also boasts another video, which states that Charli would pass away as the result of a car accident.

Still another video from the channel shows a purported “funeral” for the star, further adding to a morbid rumor that has taken D’Amelio’s fanbase by storm.

Unsurprisingly, these videos caused a horde of viewers to rush to her TikTok profile, leaving a slew of comments warning her of her purportedly impending doom — not the best thing to hear at any time, for any person.

In response to the overwhelming amount of claims that she would die, Charli privated one of her most recent TikToks, which was filled with comments regarding the viral video.

This has caused quite a stir in her fanbase, with many other fans decrying the sheer volume of claims that have come about as the result of a particularly disturbing YouTube account.

“I kinda like Charli, but saying that she is going to die tomorrow and she is only 16 is not right,” one user said of the situation. “Get a ****ing life and leave that poor girl alone.”

“Just stop being so cruel to Charli,” another commented. “She’s an amazing person who doesn’t deserve all these hate messages!”

So far, Charli has yet to speak out on the rumors, and the YouTube account responsible for spreading them remains active at the time of writing.