Noah Beck speaks out after Sway House publicly roasts Griffin Johnson for missing his ex

Noah Beck clarifies Griffin Johnson jokeYouTube: Noah Beck, Griffin Johnson

Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson’s infamous breakup marked a major moment in history for TikTok fans — but it’s still a topic that gets brought up months after the fact, and some viewers aren’t happy about it.

In summer 2020, Dixie D’Amelio and Griffin Johnson appeared to experience some undisclosed relationship problems, causing Dixie to speak out in denial that anything was amiss. However, shortly thereafter, Dixie appeared to confirm that she had multiple text screenshots that proved Griffin was being unfaithful.

Things quickly went downhill for the couple amidst their drama-fueled breakup, which included a joke “apology video” from Griffin in wake of all the backlash against him (which Dixie also asked fans to stop).

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While they have since reconciled their differences, it’s still a bit of an awkward situation, as Dixie is now dating Noah Beck — a fellow member of the Sway House and one of Griffin’s close buddies.

It’s this fact that ruffled some fans’ feathers, after Noah and co. appeared to poke fun at Griffin during a popular TikTok trend. The trend itself asks participants to step up in response to certain prompts, one of which was: “Who can’t move on from their ex?”

The Sway Boys collectively brought Griffin to the front of their group in response to this prompt, seemingly making light of his famed breakup from Dixie. Griffin himself seemed to take the joke well and even pulled off a little dance move in response — but some commenters appeared to feel that this was a shot below the belt, or even thought he was openly admitting to missing her after all this time.

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Noah Beck responded to the speculation seemingly before it even kicked off, captioning the video: “Jokes jokes chill I don’t even wanna hear it.” He also took to the comment section to further clarify the situation, writing, “Guys, we told Griffin to step up as a joke lol.”

Noah Beck Griffin Johnson comment

Thus far, it seems that most commenters are taking the joke in stride. It seems that all is well between Noah and Griffin — although that doesn’t seem to be stopping some viewers from connecting dots that may or may not actually exist.