Charlamagne wants Tyson Fury vs Logan Paul after family callout during Jake Paul fight

Charlamagne looking into the cameraYouTube: Flagrant

Rapper Charlamagne told Andrew Schulz that he wants to see Tyson Fury fight Logan Paul after the latter called out the Fury family during his brother Jake Paul’s recent fight.

Regarding influencer boxing, everyone from the smallest Twitch streamers to a-list celebrities has begun to show interest.

The latest big event, Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury, resulted in Jake Paul taking his first-ever boxing loss.

During a recent episode of Flagrant with Andrew Schulz, rapper Charlamagne revealed the next Paul vs Fury fight he’d like to see.

Charlamagne reveals the Paul vs Fury fight he wants to see

After talking about the recent ’bout between Jake and Tommy, Charlamagne shared his thoughts about the next big fight between the families.

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“I think Tyson Fury should fight Logan,” he said. “I think they should just box. Logan was talking spicy about the family. Give Logan a title shot.”

Andrew Schulz and the rest of the co-hosts shared their thoughts, with most of them disagreeing that it should happen.

(Topic starts at 1:21:32 in the video)

During the February 26 Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight, Logan Paul was interviewed while standing in the crowd.

After being asked how he thought his brother was doing, Logan called out Tommy and the rest of the Fury family.

“Tommy if you can hear me, you’re a b*tch bro and you’re gassing out. You’re a B*tch. The whole Fury family a b*tch,” he said.

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It’s unknown if anything will happen between the two, as Logan hasn’t been in the ring since his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr in June 2021.

We’ll have to wait to see what happens. In the meantime, check out how Jake Paul feels after his recent loss.