Chantel Jeffries hits back at Sommer Ray in unexpected Twitter feud

Virginia Glaze
Sommer Ray and Chantel Jeffries pose for the camera.

American DJ and Instagram model Chantel Jeffries may have stirred up some beef with fellow influencer Sommer Ray, after the former made a tweet calling out girls for liking popular adult cartoon series ‘Rick and Morty.’

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Yeah, you read that right; apparently, liking Rick and Morty is enough to start Twitter drama — at least in the case of these two internet superstars.

Rick and Morty is a popular show among adults, and is often considered by viewers to be as intellectually salient as it is humorous.

Unfortunately, Sommer Ray doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of the animated series, as told by her shady Tweet toward its female viewerbase on October 22.

“Sorry girls, but liking Rick and Morty isn’t a personality trait,” Ray wrote, a statement that quite a few users viewed as taking issue with women who enjoy the show and consider themselves fans.

Needless to say, this sparked quite the debate among her own fans and critics, with many finding her tweet to be needlessly confrontational toward other women, while still others mocked those getting “offended” by her post.

The passive-aggressive tweet soon caught the attention of DJ and YouTuber Chantel Jeffries, who clapped back at Ray’s thinly-veiled shade with a humorous addition of her own.

“Sorry girls, but bashing other girls for what they like isn’t a personality trait,” she replied, adding a smiley face with hearts for good measure.

Jeffries’ tweet incited a wave of similar sentiments in the comments, with more than a few users wondering why Ray was seemingly attacking other women for their interests.

In fact, it seems that Ray’s tweet may have been directed at Jeffries, herself, as the DJ is a longtime fan of the show, as shown by several of her past posts on social media.

She even wore a pair of $22 Rick and Morty themed pants from Amazon for a photoshoot in spite of her top-tier status as an internet celeb, so it’s safe to say that she’s not afraid to show off her love for the show — nor is she afraid to call out other influencers for their not-so-subtle shade toward her.