Censor reveals first look at his incredible new $75,000 backyard

Censor - YouTube

Popular YouTuber and former Call of Duty pro player Doug ‘Censor’ Martin has given fans a tour of his backyard following a massive renovation.

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Boasting over 2.6 million subscribers on YouTube, Censor has opened the door for himself to enjoy life to its fullest extent, which involves owning a beautiful home in an incredible neighborhood.

His latest project was a renovation of the backyard, which apparently cost him a whopping $75,000 and took about two-and-a-half months to complete.

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With the backyard now fully complete, Censor published a video to give fans the first true glimpse of what exactly had ended up costing him so much money to put together.

“I put a lot of work into this house, and to finish the backyard, and to finally complete the entire house, is really a dream come true!” he said.

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Hot tub

In his video, Censor revealed that his plans were to add an in-ground pool in the backyard, but because of the way the property is situated with respect to the nearby waterway, he would have to install a semi-in-ground pool, which would cost him too much.

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As a result, he ended up going with a hot tub, which is large enough to comfortably fit at least four people.

Censor - YouTubeCensor’s backyard renovation included the addition of a brand new hot tub.

Grilling station

Another impressive addition to his new backyard was the grill, which rests in the middle of a beautiful station that matches the rest of the house’s theme.

“It’s literally everything I though it was going to be,” he said. “It’s in the perfect spot. You get a beautiful view of the water, and the jetski, and everything. I’m going to be having a lot of my friends over the summer, even just my family, grilling, cooking, enjoying things. 

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Censor - YouTubeThanks to this awesome new grilling station, Censor will be able to grill in the comfort of his incredible backyard.

You can check out Censor’s full backyard tour in the video below:

Censor’s house now fully complete

As Censor mentioned at the start of his backyard tour video, the completion of the backyard renovation fully wrapped up all of the changes he envisioned making to his house, at least for now.

Several months ago, in January, he completed a $200,000 renovation to the interior of his home, a before/after of which can be seen in the video below.

It appears that life is looking as positive ever for Censor, as he’s set to enjoy the comforts of his incredible property for years to come. 

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