CDawgVA signs exclusive Twitch deal to continue livestreams on the platform

Jeremy Gan

Twitch has secured an exclusive streaming contract with Connor “CDawgVA” Colquhoun amidst a streaming platform battle against YouTube and Kick.

It seems the streaming wars have been raging again in the past few months. As Kick tantalizes Twitch streamers with its lucrative revenue split of 95-5, and YouTube courts more of Twitch’s darling streamers, the battles are only heating up in 2023. 

But now Twitch has struck back by securing an exclusive streaming contract with one of the biggest Anime influencers on YouTube, CDawgVA. This deal pertains solely to livestreaming content, meaning we’ll still get the regular influx of YouTube content moving forward.

Connor is best known for his YouTube channel where he had his start as an aspiring voice actor who regularly made videos about anime. He would eventually land a contract with GeeXPLus to move to Japan in an effort to introduce Otaku culture to a wider world. 

He would go on to co-host a podcast, Trash Taste, with fellow anime YouTubers Gigguk and The Anime Man.

Connor is well known for his many IRL streams where he explores Japan, but also gaming streams where he’d play with other Japanese VTubers. 

And he has famously collaborated with some of the biggest names on Twitch and YouTube. Such as Ludwig, Ironmouse, and a whole host of Hololive and Nijisanji VTubers. Garnering a lot of influence in the Japanese/English livestreaming space.

His YouTube channel as well, a place where he frequently uploads videos of him experiencing the oddities of Japanese culture garners a lot of views, has a very loyal fanbase that has stuck by him.

It seems Twitch’s contract with Connor is part of a bid to secure some of their biggest names from leaving the platform as news comes out of some of its biggest stars switching to either the burgeoning Kick or YouTube