Trainwreck reveals major feature for his new streaming platform to crush Twitch

trainwrecks reveals new streaming platform featureTwitch/Trainwreckstv

Popular streamer Tyler ‘Trainwreck’ Niknam leaked massive plans for his upcoming streaming platform to contend with Twitch.

Amid the streaming wars between Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and other websites, a new platform is set to emerge courtesy of Trainwreck.

The Twitch streamer has been confident that his upcoming platform will be a success, claiming that it will have one feature that will “revolutionize streaming” when it’s announced.

On November 28, Niknam revealed that a full announcement was on the way soon, but shared one very key detail with his fans ahead of the official reveal: the planned revenue split.

Trainwreck leaks 95/5 revenue split on new streaming platform

According to Trainwreck, his upcoming streaming site will offer the best partner revenue split out of any platform with the site only taking a mere 5% cut.

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This is a major contrast to Twitch, as the Amazon-owned site denied a 70/30 split and instead takes a whopping 50% from streamers, leaving them with a lot less in their pockets.

In response to users joking about how Train’s site might require streamers have unrealistic stats in order to get partnered, Niknam revealed more details to give users more insight into his vision.

“Anyone with a sub button gets this split, and it’ll be the same requirements to get partnered as Twitch,” he explained. “But better and easier for those who grind but are rejected by Twitch just because they don’t fit the political narrative or agenda.”

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Train has been very critical about alleged political agendas affecting Twitch in the past, accusing staff of letting their own personal views dictate decision-making and the direction of the platform.

Hopefully, we won’t have long to wait to see this new platform in action as the streamer previously suggested that it’ll be ready to go by early December at the latest. Whether or not it ends up dominating Twitch, however, remains to be seen.

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