Cardi B explains why she name-drops at Atlanta restaurants after Keith Lee’s reviews

Molly Byrne
cardi d says she name drops at ATL eateries after keith lee's reviews

Cardi B’s reaction to Keith Lee’s restaurant reviews in Atlanta has gone viral, as she admitted to name-dropping while eating out.

Cardi B is so stranger to sharing her strong opinions online and neither is restaurant reviewer Keith Lee.

Recently, both personalities weighed in on what it’s like to dine out in Atlanta, as Keith Lee’s review about not getting service struck a nerve in Cardi B.

Since hearing of Keith Lee’s experience with not being served in ATL, Cardi B took to Instagram live to share what she does to ensure that she won’t be turned away from both takeout and dining in.

Cardi B thinks Atlanta restaurants “don’t like people”

Keith Lee attempted to dine at multiple restaurants in Atlanta and was turned away because of their rules of service.

Being a hot spot for food, many places in the ATL don’t do takeout orders or allow reservations, making it difficult for people to find a place to eat.

Though his reviews have been controversial, Cardi B weighed in on his recent experience with The Real Milk And Honey restaurant in ATL where he wasn’t offered service until he walked in and was recognized for his reviews.

Typically, Keith Lee doesn’t give his name or show his face to the restaurant he orders from, but Cardi B was adamant on saying that she will 100% name-drop in order to receive service because the restaurants in ATL are so “busy.”

Cardi B also mentioned that she doesn’t think restaurants in ATL care about making money because they seem to always be closed or perhaps, they just “don’t like people.”

She continued, “They don’t do no pickup orders, they don’t do deliveries, they just don’t do sh*t.”

She then proceeded to talk about how disappointing it is to find a restaurant that looks good via Google, just to find out that they’re closed on that particular day.

Those who heard Cardi B’s vent session on Instagram live commented saying, “Ok, so, Atlanta restaurants are only Instagram cute… got it noted.”

While another penned, “Cardi ain’t lying. A restaurant be closed on Tuesday at 2 p.m., no walk-ins, no calls, no dining, extra charge for everything, and have a limited menu. Baby, y’all just need to close.”

Some people even joked about using Cardi B’s name while ordering in Atlanta — however, we’re not too sure how helpful that would be for the overall wait time.

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