Camille Lamb reveals Love Island hint after Below Deck Season 10 finale

camille below deckInstagram: Camille Lamb

Below Deck Season 10 star Camille Lamb has hinted at a possible debut on another popular show, Love Island, after watching the finale.

Camille was dismissed by the temporary replacement for Captain Lee, who left halfway through the charter season on medical grounds. Captain Sandy axed not just her, but another member of the interior team, Alissa Humber – unhappy with their work.

Lamb was split between two roles, on the interior and exterior, during Season 10. Not excelling in either of the positions left her open to criticism and after clashing with multiple personalities on the St. David super yacht, she’s now “done” with the drama.

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She hopped onto Instagram live right after the finale, to respond to fan questions about the season on the whole and what’s coming up for her career.

Is Camille from Below Deck going on Love Island?

After being asked about what’s coming up in the future, she said: “Right now, I’m working on yachts and just want to be in entertainment. I love television shows, I love production… I’m going to, right now, start doing more content on YouTube.”

Later, she added: “I want to build a brand, I guess, and I want to be open to whatever opportunity comes. Like Love Island, I really wanna do Love Island, so yeah.”

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While nothing has been confirmed so far for this potential casting, her intention seems very clear.

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“I really want to do Love Island. I really would, you’ll all need to message them and say ‘have me on.'”

Would Camille return to Below Deck?

In the same Instagram live video, she confirmed she would be open to returning to Below Deck in the future, particularly Below Deck Sailing Yacht – stating her skills in yachting would make that a natural fit.

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“I really like Captain Glenn,” she said later, eyeing a move.

Whether or not another captain from Bravo TV’s spinoffs would take Camille back on the crew remains to be seen.

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