Call Her Daddy’s Alex Cooper slams criticism over licking her dog’s tongue

Virginia Glaze
Alex cooper responds to dog controversy

Call Her Daddy podcast host Alex Cooper has hit back at criticism after sharing a video of herself licking the tongue of her boyfriend’s pet dog, Henry.

The internet is certainly one of the best places to find odd and sometimes disturbing content… but a video posted by popular podcast host and influencer Alex Cooper is taking the proverbial cake right now.

Alex Cooper is known for being one of the biggest podcast hosts out there. Rising to fame as co-host of the Call Her Daddy podcast, Cooper has since scored a $60 million deal to stream the series exclusively on Spotify.

Despite her recent success, it seems the influencer has come under intense scrutiny after posting a controversial video to social media. The clip shows Cooper and her boyfriend’s pet pooch snuggling on the couch, while the enthusiastic pup licks her face.

The gross part of this situation happens after Cooper sticks out her tongue. You can piece together the rest.

Unsurprisingly, many commenters found the video to be off-putting and disgusting, with several even accusing the host of being inappropriate with her partner’s pet.

These accusations prompted Cooper to speak out on the situation during a recent podcast episode, where she denied any claims of being inappropriate with the dog and even said that she’d deleted the video right away for fear that people would somehow discover her boyfriend by way of the pooch.

 (Topic begins at 28 minutes)

“I feel there is nothing wrong with what I chose to let that dog do to my mouth,” she argued. “I personally think that people that are so angered, so triggered by seeing this dog’s tongue lick my tongue, you think that’s bestiality, but I don’t know what happened in your f***ing childhood. … but that’s not bestiality.”

Cooper’s initial quote went into graphic detail about a hypothetical situation regarding her critic’s fathers, sparking further outrage against her on social media as the video continues to garner backlash and even calls to remove the pup from her care.

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