BTS star Kim Taehyung riles up fanbase with electric Olivia Rodrigo moment at The Grammys

Dave Deiley

BTS are never afraid to make a scene wherever they show up. This year’s Grammys was no exception, with V (aka Kim Taehyung) igniting the group’s passionate fanbase during a  sensual interaction with Olivia Rodrigo.

The Grammys have only just ended, and as the dust settles ‘The Moment’ between V and Rodrigo, with the Korean singer whispering something unknown into the popstar’s ear is sparking an absolute rager in the comments section on Twitter and YouTube.

With a fanbase as avidly passionate as the BTS ARMY has shown itself to be time and again, it’s no surprise that the action of V whispering into Olivia Rodrigo’s ear has created an intense outcry from the fandom.

The moment itself, without the deliberate spotlight mid-performance of the BTS hit single ‘Butter’ (the group’s second English-language single) would be easy enough to miss. But is now a front and center Grammys moment, capturing the hearts and ire of fans worldwide.

Reactions have been heavily divided amongst fans, with some instantly shipping the duo while demanding a collab or more between them.

“I know some of y’all don’t like Olivia, but I do and this is the hottest thing I’ve seen in a while” Twitter user ‘_vanessay_’ commented mere moments after the interaction occurred.

Others however, have taken Olivia’s existence as a personal affront. Accusing her of stealing the singer away from imagined personal relationships with the Korean superstar. “Hajima“, the Korean word for stop, has had its time on the international stage with fans airing their grievances about the moment.

Alternately there was also a single question many BTS fans were asking: “How to be Olivia Rodrigo”. The hyper-hysteria surrounding the interaction was perhaps best summed up with one fan tweeting “Taehyung flirting with Olivia my eyes twitching body shaking.”

The majority of tweets were not specifically anti-Oliva, but more so anti-anyone taking the attention of the 26-year-old heartthrob. Some even going so far as to post pictures of houses emblazoned with “welcome home cheater“.

This is not the first time that V has shown the world the intensity of the relationship with the BTS ARMY. On March 31, just a week before the Grammys aired, the singer had to cut an Instagram AMA short after it was repeatedly crashed and overwhelmed by the fandom. Calling the whole interaction “Difficult”.