BTS singer Jin dedicates Instagram to League of Legends champion Jhin

jin jhin league of legends btsInstagram: jin, Riot Games

BTS singer Kim Seok-jin, known as Jin, changed his Instagram profile picture to the League of Legends champion with an almost identical name, Jhin.

BTS is arguably the most popular K-pop music group on the planet.

As many of their insane amount of fans know, the boys in the group are huge gamers, specifically League of Legends fans. The group even played with legendary pro-player Lee ‘Faker‘ Sang-hyeok in November 2020 in an episode of their variety show titled Run BTS.

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Now, Jin from BTS has honored his fandom by changing his profile photo on Instagram for a LoL champion of the same name.

Riot GamesRiot Games
Jhin is one of the more popular ADC’s in League of Legends.

BTS’ Jin loves Jhin from League

With over 32 million followers on Instagram, many were quick to note that Jin had changed his profile image to Jhin, the Virtuoso.

Released back in 2016, Jhin has become one of the more popular champions on Summoner’s Rift, and with almost the same exact name, it seems Jin has taken a liking to the AD Carry.

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Jin even changed his bio to honor Jhin with a translation from Google Translate reading, “In the field, I bloom like a flower blooming in red dawn,” which is his quote when locked in on the character select screen.

jn jhin league btsInstagram: jin
Jin is apparently a big fan of Jhin.

Clearly, Jin is a big fan of Jhin, as he’s remodeled his entire Instagram in dedication to him.

Hopefully, his newfound interest in LoL leads to more BTS and League of Legends cross-over content.

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