Olivia Rodrigo announces collaboration with Stanley in celebration of ‘GUTS’ album

Molly Byrne
Olivia Rodrigo x stanley

‘GUTS’ artist Olivia Rodrigo announced her collaboration with Stanley, due to release sooner rather than later.

On July 2, pop artist Olivia Rodrigo announced on her Instagram story that she would be collaborating with Stanley.

In her post, she drank from a purple 40-ounce tumbler with a clear “sour grape” lid. According to Stanley’s website, the quencher is “studded in vampire-red and silver stars” to embody the essence of her latest album, ‘GUTS.’

The Stanley x Olivia tumbler will be released on July 9 for $55. It will be available online, and fans can sign up on the Stanley website to access more information about its release.

The collaborative Stanley cups are in such “high demand” that the company had to implement an EQL system, one that’s meant to deter bots and bulk buyers from hoarding the cups and reselling them.

Once her announcement went viral, fans took to X to share their excitement. “Girls don’t want flowers, girls want the Olivia Rodrigo Stanley cup,” wrote one with a photo collage of Olivia with the anticipated tumbler.

Another fan commented on how well her team has branded her image. “This makes so much sense with her brand and youthful style. love her management for making her somehow even BIGGER,” the fan wrote on X.

Though Olivia has a steady fanbase with over 52M monthly listeners on Spotify, the Stanley brand proved to be extremely popular itself over the last year. 

Their products gained monumental attention after a TikToker claimed their Stanley tumbler turned up undamaged in a car fire. Stanley even replaced the TikToker’s vehicle after seeing their viral video.

Stanley items then began selling out in stores like Target and Starbucks. One customer even face-planted on the ground after a crowd rushed to grab as many Stanley cups as they could. 

Some also waited hours in line, with many customers even reselling their products online for hundreds of dollars.