Olivia Rodrigo recreates viral ‘Olivia Rodriguez’ Crumbl Cookies trend

Bee Delores
Olivia Rodrigo and Dre in Dallas in a side-by-side photo

Olivia Rodrigo recreated the viral “Olivia Rodriguez” Crumbl Cookies trend that pokes fun at the pop singer.

For her Guts Tour, Olivia Rodrigo partnered with Crumbl Cookies for a delicious treat that is made available along each stop of the globe-trotting venture.

As with most things, especially with this particular cookie company, users have been going viral from trying various treats and snacks.

Recently, TikToker DreInDallas went viral for trying out Rodrigo’s Guts cookie and misspeaking her name. “Olivia Rodriguez, that little Mexican girl that be crying,” he said before taking a bite. “0 out of 10,” he added, giving the cookie a score.

Olivia Rodrigo performing a set during a concert
Olivia Rodrigo performs at the Theater at Ace Hotel in LA

Olivia Rodrigo got in on the trend in hilarious fashion

On March 6, Olivia Rodrigo recreated the trend in a new video and used the viral sound from DreInDallas’ video.

“idk I think its rlly good,” she captioned the clip.

Many in the comments couldn’t hold back from laughing and crying.

“I forgot your name was olivia rodrigo for a sec,” joked one fan.

“I mean 0/10 would be a reason to cry, so I’m not sure what he is complaining about,” echoed another.

“My bf now quotes this when I’m crying cuz I am a lil Mexican girl who be cryin. Grateful for this sound and OR,” said a third.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts Tour continues on March 6 with a show at the Kaseya Center in Miami. The rest of the tour runs through August and hits up all the major cities including San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. Over the summer, the singer will head overseas to Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and France, among other countries.