Bryce Halls calls out Ethan Klein after H3H3 star claims he’s “mentally unstable”

Ethan Klein Bryce Hall DramaInstagram: Bryce Hall / Ethan Klein

Bryce Hall has called out Ethan Klein for ‘trash-talking’ him in a recent episode of the H3H3 Podcast, calling him an “old f**k” and claiming he should worry about his impending lawsuit with Triller instead of having a go at TikTok stars.

The unexpected drama between the two internet personalities started when Ethan asked Trisha Paytas if they wanted to watch a video of Bryce “being a f**king douche” during Frienemies Episode 35 of the H3 Podcast.

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Then, he showed them a clip of Bryce calling a random girl walking by a “b*tch,” only to apologize to her boyfriend moments later and brush the whole thing off as a joke.

It didn’t sit well with Ethan, who went on to say that he believes Bryce is “on steroids” and described him as “mentally unstable” and “unhealthy.”

“He’s always the tough guy in all his clips, [saying things like] fight me p*ssy. [But he’s] a little b*tch, actually, in real life.”

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Naturally, Bryce wasn’t enthusiastic about Ethan’s comments. He called him out on social media, saying, “I think you should worry about that fat lawsuit Triller gave you instead of talking sh*t about me, you old f**k.”

“I don’t get why these grandpa’s [and] grandmas always critique 17-21-year-old kids as if they weren’t f**king up at our age. Sorry, [there are] these things called phones that document sh*t now instead of the rocks you used to use to communicate.”

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Fans have had mixed reactions to the drama in the comments. A large number of Bryce’s fans agreed with him, while many others accused him of using it as an excuse to be on the podcast.

Ethan hasn’t responded yet. We might have to wait until the next episode of the H3 Podcast to hear his thoughts.

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