Ethan Klein claps back at Adin Ross after calling him a “fat f**k”

ethan klein adin rossEthan Klein/Adin Ross

YouTube star Ethan Klein hit back at Adin Ross after the Twitch streamer called him a “fat f**k” and insulted his wife and Teddy Fresh founder Hila Klein.

Despite Ethan Klein‘s H3H3 Podcast still being on hiatus for the holiday season, that doesn’t mean he’s halted uploading videos.

Throughout the holidays, the 37-year-old podcaster has been using his individual channel, just named ‘Ethan Klein’, to react to drama and keep up with current events.

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In his January 8 video, the YouTuber went viral after reacting to a clip of Adin Ross dishing out some unsavory comments about his appearance.

Adin Ross slams Ethan Klein as a “fat f*ck”

Klien was reacting to Adin Ross calling him out during a Twitch stream, where Ross said, “His podcast is literally a**. Like, sh*t. I could make a podcast and it would be so much better.”

He continued while talking to his friend off-screen, “I’m talking about that fat f**k L3L3.

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Adin’s friend chimes in, “If I see him on the streets I’m beating his ass. And his wife’s ugly!”

Ethan was confounded by the comments about his wife, saying “You wanna call my wife ugly? You have zero wives, you don’t have a significant other you lonely a** b*tch. The only people that hang out with you are on payroll.”

Klein also said the only person who would be Adin’s “daddy” is Andrew Tate, who he claimed is “grooming” Ross “like one of his camgirls.”

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Ethan also defended himself against body weight shaming comments as he’s documented his weight loss journey over the last few months.

Ross shaved his head in support of Tate who is currently in a Romanian prison after a police raid was executed on his compound.

H3 has been publically critical of Ross’ relationship with Tate, which is what initially led to Ross calling him out by name during a broadcast.