Ludwig reveals how he accidentally spent $54,000 on football tickets

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Ludwig revealed on his podcast that, when trying to treat QTCinderella’s family to a Dallas Cowboys football game, a simple ticket-purchasing mistake cost him $54,000. 

When Ludwig Ahgren decided he wanted to go with QTCinderella and her family to a Dallas Cowboys football game for Christmas, he knew he was going to buy them the best seats possible, no matter the cost.

During the December 30 episode of ‘The Yard,’ Ludwig’s podcast that he hosts with his friends, the YouTube streamer revealed what happened to cause him to instantly lose a whopping $54,000 when buying the gift of football tickets.

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Just a few months ago, Ludwig lost $25,000 in a poker match with Mr Beast.

Ludwig loses $54,000 buying football tickets

After his manager Slime brought up the topic, Ludwig quickly said: “Let me explain this, this is crazy. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever done and I’ll have to re-evaluate some processes I take.”

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Ludwig went on to detail that he wanted to surprise QTCinderella’s family with Dallas Cowboys tickets, and wanted to take the initiative to find stadium suite tickets. However, it didn’t go as planned.

“I have a bad habit of replying to emails really early,” he revealed. “So I wanted to go to the January 2 game, but I accidentally replied, and signed my name to buy tickets for the wrong date.”

Ludwig explained that those tickets cost him $5,400, but he still wanted to go to the right game so he bought new ones. However, it turns out he was wrong about the amount that he agreed to purchase them for.

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(conversation starts at 37:09 in the video)

While talking to Slime about doing a charity giveaway on Twitter, they noticed the credit card that they use for things like that had a purchase on it for $54,000.

Slime added: “He read and signed a contract for tickets on the wrong date, and he didn’t see all the zeros at the end. He skimmed it and didn’t see that it was 10 times the amount and it was for a game that he couldn’t go to.

“I was mad for a couple of reasons. One, this is insane – you cant make mistakes like this. We’re hiring people and this is someone’s entire salary. Two, I told you not to buy this s**t on the company card.”

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