Brookeab forced to miss TwitchCon as “death threats” from stalkers continue

Shay Robson

Popular streamer and 100 Thieves content creator BrookeAB has revealed she won’t be attending TwitchCon this year as harassment and death threats from stalkers continue.

BrookeAB began her streaming career in 2019, where she quickly skyrocketed to fame after going from 10,000 followers to over 270,000 in just a month. Now, the 100 Thieves content creator sits comfortably with over 1.3 million fans.

Brooke’s very public career has proven to cause difficulties for her and her family, as she’s been a target of harassment and death threats from stalkers. It got so bad that she even pleaded for Twitter and Instagram to ban her stalker from the platforms.

Now, the streamer has revealed she won’t be attending the TwitchCon this year over safety concerns as she receives constant death threats.

BrokeAB wearing 100T jersey
BrookeAB has been open about her struggles with stalkers throughout her career, notably calling on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram for change.

In a May 27 tweet, BrookeAB responded to her fans that were asking if she would be attending TwitchCon. However, many were left disappointed as she revealed her followers wouldn’t be seeing her at the event in San Diego later this year.

“Been getting asked this question a lot recently so just wanted to give a heads up, I will not be going to TwitchCon this year,” Brooke said. “Nothing wrong on Twitch’s end, they do a great job with security, I just don’t feel safe with my stalkers and constant death threats.”

Fans of the streamer showed support in the replies, assuring her it’s okay and there was no need to be sorry. “Your safety will always come first Brooke, don’t apologize,” one said.

Don’t apologize for wanting to be safe ever! We know how much you would love to come and meet fans but your safety is the most important thing,” another added.

Unfortunately, Brooke isn’t the only creator who’s worried about TwitchCon. Recently, streamer Sweet Anita asked for additional security at the event after she discovered her viewers crowdfunded tickets for a “crazed homeless guy.”

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