Valkyrae fans praise YouTube star for promoting realistic beauty standards

valkyrae-makeup-acne-skin-youtubeYouTube: Valkyrie

Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter’s fans praised her for promoting realistic beauty standards by courageously showing them how her skin looks underneath all the makeup despite feeling “insecure” about it.

The internet is a place where unrealistic beauty standards run rampant, not only on social media but also in the streaming industry. After all, people typically want to look their best in front of the camera, especially when it’s on them for hours on end.

Rae isn’t an exception to the rule. However, she was open and honest about her makeup usage on stream, revealing she uses it to cover up her acne. Then, she showed fans a glimpse of how her skin really looks, and they praised her for it.

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Valkyrae-factsTwitter: Valkyrae
Rae wanted to show fans how her skin looks without makeup.

“I wanted to show you guys my skin,” she said. “I know it looks like I’m flawless, but let me show you what I’ve been dealing with, and I’m honestly really insecure about it. My skin under my makeup is so bad.”

However, despite those insecurities, she mustered the courage to pull out her phone to show fans a candid picture of her cheek without makeup.

Look at my skin,” she exclaimed, while holding it up in front of the camera.

Rae also revealed the impact putting on makeup for streams has had on it. “I keep putting makeup on to stream and do shoots and stuff,” she explained.

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“It’s an endless cycle of putting makeup on acne. It sucks!”

The relevant part of the video begins at 10:40.

Rae’s fans commended her for being open and honest about it. “So grateful to see Rae showing people that no one is perfect and that the photos we see of her are edited and use filters, and she wears cover-up makeup,” said one fan.

“It’s really cool of Rae to show her audience that even the most famous streamers and celebrities don’t actually look perfect all the time,” said another. “As someone who struggles with acne and scarring, I found it nice to be able to relate to her.”

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It was similar to the time when Pokimane was praised by fans for hosting a no make-up stream in October 2018 in a bid to promote realistic beauty standards, although she was later criticized for using it to flex her wealth.