BrookeAB begs Instagram to act after receiving more violent death threats

Instagram: brookeabb

100 Thieves star BrookeAB is once again begging social media platforms to take action against harassment after sharing yet another graphic death threat from an anonymous user.

BrookeAB is a top streamer and one of 100 Thieves’ prime influencers. While she enjoys a hefty online following, she has also been the victim of targeted harassment on multiple occasions.

The content creator has historically reached out to platforms like Twitter to put a stop to such behavior — even claiming she’d been harangued by the same person saying they’d “made death threats daily for two years straight.”

In fact, this issue caused Brooke to leave social media for a month before opening up on the matter back in 2019, saying that her personal information had been shared in an act of doxing.

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BrookeAB streamer awardsInstagram: brookeabb
BrookeAB is a popular streamer signed with entertainment org 100 Thieves.

Brooke last spoke about the stalking incident in April of 2021. Now, nearly a year later, she’s still experiencing vicious online attacks and shared a screenshot of a violent message she received on Instagram.

The message contained death threats toward Brooke and accused her of some misdeed toward her boyfriend, Twitch streamer Symfuhny. Their relationship has often been a point of contention among fans, with some accusing Brooke of cheating on him — claims that Symfuhny openly mocked on social media.

BrookeAB with SymfuhnyInstagram: brookeabb
BrookeAB’s relationship with Twitch star Symfuhny is a point of contention among angry internet trolls.

BrookeAB reveals disturbing death threats from stalker

(WARNING: The following contains graphic content that may not be suitable for all viewers. Reader discretion is advised.)

“Not shutting up until something is done about this,” she wrote. “Here is your monthly reminder! This is a constant and NOTHING is being done to help. Please, if anybody has any connections or anything I can do, I’m at my wits’ end here.”

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“I know it’s all I talk about but it’s so people are aware and that something one day gets done about this! I hope you guys understand. There are many people out there going through this without the platform to speak out / get help.”

A few hours after posting her initial tweet, Brooke followed up with an update from Instagram.

The content creator shared a screenshot of a notification from the platform’s support system, which said they would not remove the poster’s comment due to an overload of reports and that their team “hasn’t been able to review this post.”

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“To everyone saying ‘just block and report them,’ this is what I get when I do,” Brooke commented.

Streamers show support for BrookeAB

YouTube streaming star Valkyrae has notably showed support for Brooke in the wake of her latest post.

“Stay safe Brooke,” Valkyrae wrote in response to the situation. “You do NOT deserve this and bringing awareness to it is important!”

Fellow 100 Thieves’ member ‘Froste’ also chimed in on the situation, offering Brooke his sympathies and calling the offenders “deranged.”

“She did nothing,” he clarified. “Some guy(s) have been harassing her, and any dude she associates with, like this for the last 3+ years because they think she’s cheating on Symfuhny with any guy she talks to, follows, or streams with. They are deranged.”

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This isn’t the first time Froste has hit out at internet stalkers; he made a similar comment toward fans of Twitch streamer Sykkuno, also calling them “deranged” after receiving a photo of his own house from an angry stan.