Sweet Anita demands TwitchCon security as fans mistakenly pay for “crazed” man’s ticket

sweet anita twitchcon securityTwitch/Sweet Anita

Popular Twitch streamer Sweet Anita is asking for help and some added security at TwitchCon after discovering her viewers accidentally crowdfunded tickets for a “crazed homeless guy.”

As is the case with traditional celebrities, as Twitch streamers continue to grow in popularity and become mainstream, obsessed fans can pose a major safety concern.

Sweet Anita has dealt with stalker issues in the past, with obsessed fans even allegedly showing up at her home. Now, it seems like another overzealous viewer looking for a relationship with the streamer has sent some disturbing messages about their TwitchCon plans.

On May 23, the Twitch star exposed some of the DMs she received from the man and asked her viewers not stop funding his expenses.

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Sweet Anita streamingTwitch/Sweet_Anita
Sweet Anita has dealt with stalkers in the past.

Sweet Anita exposes “crazed” man’s DMs

The unnamed man claimed to be in love with Anita in the messages and felt that the streamer shared similar feelings.

He also explained his intent to disguise himself by dying his hair and wearing a mask at TwitchCon, and warned that he didn’t want to hurt Anita or her security.

“At the very least I guess TwitchCon will confirm my greatest hopes or deepest fears,” he wrote.

Anita, however, wants to make sure that the man can’t find his way into the event to ensure her safety.

“Streamers, how and where do you book security for TwitchCon events?” she asked. “I had a crazed homeless guy join my Discord and my community is full of really kind people so they all crowdfunded for his living expenses and Twitch tickets.”

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According to Anita, she has been receiving “hundreds” of messages from the man every day – and there are a lot more than the ones she provided.

TwitchCon 2022 is taking place in Amsterdam on July 16-17 and San Diego on October 7-9 . Hopefully, the streamer can get security sorted to ensure that her experience is a safe one.