Viewers mortified at groom’s raunchy wedding vows about “smacking that a**”

Molly Byrne
groom's wedding vows

TikTokers and wedding guests were mortified over a groom’s unprepared and explicit vows for his wife.

Weddings are usually planned well in advance, leaving more than enough time for the bride and groom to write their vows.

However, one groom must have struggled trying to write his, as he showed up to his wedding unprepared.

Though his wife laughed it off, viewers of the viral moment were horrified by the language the groom used. Not only that, but wedding guests expressed their embarrassment as well.

Wedding officiant gave groom a second chance to say his vows 

In a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony surrounded by family and friends, a groom began to say his vows to his bride.

For starters, the groom said, “I promise to smack that a** every chance I get, boo-yah!”

Laughing hysterically, he continued, “That’s all I got.” However, the officiant was so taken aback that he went out of his way to ask the groom if he was “sure” that was all he had prepared.

The groom, adamant about what he said, then uttered, “We’ve made it this long,” after the officiant asked him, “That’s what you’re going out with?”

Though the groom was honest about not writing anything down, his wife laughed it off. However, one of the wedding guests can be heard saying, “Come on, Cody,” as they were upset by his lack of effort and explicit language.

Viewers of the groom’s viral wedding vows were shocked to hear what he said, commenting on TikTok, “She [the wife] needs better friends, someone should have been like, ‘no come with us.’”

Another viewer said that if she heard her husband saying anything close to what was said in this instance, she would be “shattered.”

One viewer even said, “This makes me so sad for her.” While another wondered how the wife’s vows turned out.

Details of the couple’s relationship are unknown, but it was brought up that nobody should feel bad for the bride, as she should have known what she was getting into.

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