TikToker stunned as wedding invitation asks guests to pay for their own meals

TikToker stunned as wedding invitation asks guests to pay for their own mealsTIKTOK: kellikeylimepie/UNSPLASH: Olivia Bauso

A TikToker left viewers divided after sharing a wedding invitation, in which guests were asked to pay for their own meals and give cash gifts.

Content creator Kelli, who posts under the handle kellikeylimepie, uploaded a video that showed a wedding invitation from a couple who wasn’t shy about asking for monetary presents.

“Please understand that you are obligated to pay for your own meal,” the invitation from the bride and groom read.

On a separate part of the invitation, guests were told that “all gifts appreciated; monetary gifts preferred.”

The TikToker wrote in text-overlay, “We get it, you blew all your [money] on a wedding.”

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Traditionally, when invited to a wedding, guests expect that the meal would be paid for them, but this couple clearly had different ideas. “Tell us what you really think,” Kelli captioned the clip, which amassed over 785,000 views.

TikTok divided over wedding invitation

TikTok users did not hold back with their comments, with many saying they wouldn’t attend the wedding if they received an invitation with the those specifications.

“Lol how embarrassing. I would absolutely be sending my regrets,” one commented. “I swear some people get married thinking it’s a FUNDRAISER,” someone joked.

“Preferring money over gifts is fine like you’re newlyweds cool but paying for my own dinner too? I’ll stay home for free,” a third added.

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“Yeah no. I’m not going to a wedding, paying for food, and bringing a gift. that’s too much,” a fourth shared.

Others sympathized with the couple, saying they might be struggling financially.

“I’m in the minority but idk, I get it. Weddings are expensive,” one user wrote. “I would gladly attend. It sounds like they’re in a bad financial situation,” another added.

It’s unclear if Kelli attended the wedding, as she’s yet to share an update.

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