Groom under fire on TikTok for humiliating bride with “help me” wedding vows

Eleni Thomas
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A Groom has gone viral for all the wrong reasons on TikTok after his new bride reacted negatively to him holding up a “help me” sign while reading out his vows.

A Bride and Groom have become a major topic of conversation on TikTok after a clip of their vow ceremony went viral for all the wrong reasons. When it came time for the Groom to read out his vows, he pulled out a piece of paper that had the words “help me” written in bold text on the back.

While he may have hoped to get a smile or laugh out of his new wife, her reaction was anything but. Instead of a smile, she can be seen visibly upset, with the Groom then reacting defensively and stating “It was just a joke.”

TikToker Ryans_Truth_ reacted to the viral clip, offering up his thoughts on the awkward wedding moment. “This is just my opinion” began Ryan. “Now I know a lot of people feel like she should just be able to take a joke, especially on their wedding day because it wasn’t that serious.” 

However, Ryan offers up another perspective on the situation. “This woman has been dreaming and thinking about being married for the majority of her life. And now the time has finally arrived with the man she’s in love with…and this special and intimate moment has been ruined by a joke.”

The comments section of Ryan’s TikTok, which now has over 750K views, is filled with people supporting the bride and defending her reaction and clear disappointment at the joke.

“I would honestly cry and question everything, I’m an overthinker so I’ll probably think ‘Do they even want to marry me?” Another wrote “My SO made a joke at our wedding and tbh I never got over it. Still hurts thinking about it sometimes. It’s just not the time for a joke like that.”

As well as defending her clear pain at the moment, other TikTok users applauded the bride for not being afraid to show that she was upset by the joke from her husband. “Honestly, I respect the hell out of her for showing how much it bugged her instead of trying to pretend it didn’t. She’s strong as hell,” commented another.

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