Bretman Rock explains why he won’t reveal boyfriend’s identity

Bretman Rock films a videoBretman Rock, YouTube

Popular YouTuber and beauty guru Bretman Rock unexpectedly introduced his new boyfriend to the world in a video on April 13 — but it doesn’t look like fans will be getting a glimpse at his face anytime soon.

It’s always a big moment when YouTubers finally reveal their significant others, as in the case of YouTuber Jaclyn Hill, who finally showcased her beau in a tell-all Q & A video earlier this month.

In a similar fashion, fans were floored to find that Bretman Rock officially featured his new amore in a challenge video just a week later — but the makeup mogul didn’t exactly spill all the beans.

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Bretman Rock, Instagram
Bretman Rock is one of YouTube’s most popular beauty gurus, boasting over 7 million subscribers on the site.

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Rather than putting a face and a name to the mysterious man (who he’s been dating for a year now), Rock’s boyfriend appeared just out of frame of the camera, with only his hands and arms showing as he tried his skills at doing the YouTube star’s makeup.

Rock explained the odd situation during the video, clarifying that he had no interest in showing off his boyfriend on social media, who doesn’t have any accounts, anyway.

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“Let me tell you, social media is not the motherf**king way,” he announced. “…he doesn’t care for social media, which I f**king love!”

Bretman Rock, Instagram
While Rock has teased his boyfriend in several Instagram posts without a face reveal, he officially featured his beau in a video for the first time in April 2020.

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“I just don’t believe that’s one of the things that makes a relationship,” his boyfriend chimed in. “It never has been, in the first place.”

“Something I always told him from the get go was, ‘You’re not dating Bretman Rock. You’re dating Bretman,’” he continued. “…it is an extension of me.”

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“It is weird, but at the same time, it works for us,” he added. “He just gets it. Like, this is my work, this is my job. This is not who I am. This is not who he’s dating.”

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With Bretman’s boo eschewing social media due to his distaste for the internet, it looks like their relationship will be remaining private for as long as they choose — a luxury that many celebrities have failed to keep behind closed doors, as in the case of Logan Paul getting caught out with model Josie Canseco.

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